How To Change Default View In Excel

  If you check excel sheet, you can view normal but in some cases if you want to change view by Page Break Preview or Page Layout preview. How would you do this in excel?

How to change default font in Excel

  When you open excel worksheet then you can see Calibri font by default. even when you have done with font change in excel sheet and go to another cell in same sheet the font

How To Turn Off Auto Fill Color In Excel

  You may notice that in excel, when you color more that 3 excel cell continuously and when you go to next excel cell by pressing enter button from key board, then excel cell

How to AutoFill the Alpha Characters in Excel

  If you tried to fill alphabetic Characters in excel by using fill handler, you can see that excel is not able to complete this task. for example if you write A,B,C and then try

Center Headings Without Merging Cells In Excel

  I have written two article on How To Merge Cells Without Losing Data In Excel and Merge Cell In Excel Without Losing Data earlier, today in this article i will share you another trick in excel about

How To Colour Every Alternate Rows In Excel

When you are working in large number of data then there would be a problem with readability. So improve readability some people use color shade to alternative row. If you are dealing with small or limited rows

Remove Multiple Hyperlinks In Excel

  Suppose you are working in excel sheet which contain 2 or 3 hyperlink and you want to remove this hyperlink, you can remove each cell hyperlink quickly, just you need to right click

Show Leading Zeros In Excel To Numbers Or Text

  Many a times we are in situation that we try to enter number like 0045 or 0.89.89 or we need to put phone number or zip code with leading zero in excel ,

Quickly Format Chart In Excel 2010

Basically we use chart formatting option in excel to change the background Grid-lines , data series in chart, chart labels, change axis, titles change and many more.  if you are creating excel chart then

Print Borders Around Each Page In Excel

  When you are working with multiple worksheet and you want to print borders around each page in excel worksheet. how would you do this in excel.? if you have single page contain in